Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And the winner is... not us!

Every time I hear something on the news like what I heard the other day -- "Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize!" -- I fear for the future of our country (and the world), and I pray for today's children who will have to live through the fallout of such nonsense. If Al Gore, a complete moron who has never been anything more than a useless politician can capture the attention and accolades of world leaders and policy makers based on junk science... well, let's just say, it makes for a very grim outlook. We have Hitlery on her way to the presidency and Al Gore convincing everyone on the planet that we are facing catastrophic global warming -- oh, but we can stop it if wreck the U.S. economy and give all of our money to the U.N. Ughhh... What's the world coming to??

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